Hailing from northern Italy, Despite Exile began crafting their sound in 2011, initially taking the cue from bands like Veil of Maya, Whitechapel and Fallujah.

After a few self-produced EPs, they consolidated their style with their first full-length release, “Sentience” (2013), and with the “Disperse” EP (2015, Lifeforce Records) – both produced by Simone Mularoni (DGM, EmpYrios) – where their distinctive combination of relentless riffs, epic melodies, pensive atmospheres and philosophical lyrics began to take shape. With their sophomore album, “Relics” (2017, Lifeforce Records), they perfected this formula and put it on the map through a series of dates in Italy, Europe and the UK, culminating in a Japan tour with Bleed From Within.

In 2019 they began working on a new release and put out a few singles, but the pandemic forced them to pause and reconsider all they were doing. After a painful process and a few line-up changes, Despite Exile is now a six-piece post-deathcore ensemble consisting of Jei Doublerice (vocals, production), Giovanni Minozzi (bass, lyrics), Giacomo Santini (guitar, synths), Alessandro Carminati (guitar), Francesco Comuzzi (guitar) and Simone Cestari (drums).

With their new album, “Wound”, they’re finally ready to take over.